Designers Guild Caprifoglio Wallpaper

Liberating open skies, layered floral looks, and distressed damasks


Very layered looks for your walls, set against subtle frescos, the distressed plaster of a walled garden, or liberating open skies. An open sky so beautiful and expressive we couldn’t resist making it a digitally-printed wallpaper design all its own. An antique distressed damask catches the eye with its invigorating contemporary colouring, and informal stripe. This collection also demonstrates the versatility of a Designers Guild floral – whether a blushing multicolour for captivating effect, one of many restrained palettes including spacious leaf patterns, glittering antique garland columns which create a stripe with a difference, or our staggering wide-width Caprifoglio panels for maximum freedom. All on easy-hanging, durable, washable, non-woven grounds.
We cannot sent these wallpapers outside of the EU.






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Designers Guild Caprifoglio Wallpaper