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When Norfolk Textiles was created our mission was to gather together the best selection of oilcloths we could find, and we would like to think that we succeeded in this very early on. Sourcing and choosing them is a constant pleasure and we consider ourselves fortunate indeed to feast upon design and colour, texture and pattern on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do....

Generally the price shown is for a 50 cm / 19.5 inch length.
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French and Swedish Acrylic Oilcloth.
Phthalate and PVC free.
Plain oilcloths
Acrylic coated linens, PVC coated cottons. Gorgeous colours.
Oilcloth available in 20 metre rolls
Great discounts for trade buyers, schools, cafes etc.
Fryetts Oilcloth
Now Pthalate free.
Christmas Oilcloth