Norfolk Textiles is based in North Norfolk and is a website for textile lovers and discerning home-makers. We have one of the largest choices of oilcloths, including a wonderful range of French acryic coated oilcloths which are much wider than pvc oilcloth and come with cotton and linen backings. These drape more like fabric and our customers love them (so do we!). Our favourite is Exotic Monkey, which has fabric to go with it - it's very French! Others include Clarke and Clarke, Prestigious and Annabel Grey designs. We’re constantly adding new designs and you’ll find oilcloths here not available anywhere else. Christmas Oilcloths are arriving too. But we don’t stop there! We have beautiful fabric and wallpapers too. Just keep looking... and did we say? There are a few vintage textiles, pretty old buttons and ribbons too.


Some of our favourites